Things I Want to Improve On in April 2020

Long time no talk, everyone! Life is hectic for everyone (especially in recent times), and that sometimes causes us to fall off the consistency wagon. Despite that, you need to get back up and keep doing what you love (in my case, getting my words out there.) And, rather than letting scary and hard times keep you down, they serve as an opportunity to help you reflect on what’s important to you and how you want to improve as a person (or even just a professional). (Anyone who tells you there is nothing about themselves or their behavior that they would improve is more than likely lying.)

Self-growth is important, and observing things we can change and make better is part of the growth process. That is why I want to start sharing how I would like to improve upon myself and my goals on a monthly basis. At the beginning of each new month, I will give my list and also recap whether or not I achieved any progress toward improving what I listed the month prior.

Ready? List time! Also, feel free to share anything you would like to improve on this month in the comments below. We love brainstorming and discussion here!

* * * * * * * *

1. Putting More Effort Toward Taking Better Care of Myself

Between being stuck in my home constantly and bad news on and off the last couple months, my self-care tanked; I am not afraid to admit it. I fell back on drinking soda after I quit it for a few months, I eat primarily junk food rather than meals, and I am barely moving around.

The main steps I want to take this month are trying to take some walks around the block for some exercise/movement, cutting down on soda consumption, and forcing myself to eat “real” food. I think I can at least start doing those things. (I also need to remember skin care because my face has been rough.)

2. Improve Upon My Writing and Posting Habits

I never completely stopped writing since I do keep up a journal fairly consistently. My creative writing and blog post drafting time, though, cut down to almost nothing. (I wrote one poem about two months ago, and that is about it.) And, yes, I do see how long it has been since I posted to this blog. That is another reason why I decided to make some changes.

My ideal change would be to dedicate a day of the week to my writing (which would probably be Sunday) and spend the rest of the week being productive at home or on other goals so I have that free day.

I also officially changed my posting schedule to try and at least stay consistent before I add more days again. The Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule is slashed to only Fridays, so keep that in your calendars if you enjoy my content!

3. Spend Less Time on Social Media

Last week, I made the decision to cut out social media almost completely. I cannot completely cut out social media because of professional work promotion and such, but I need less time scrolling through feeds and feeling like I am watching the world fall apart in real time. (Anxiety flare-ups without a noticeable trigger are never good.)

I want to hop on social media once a week just so I am not completely out of touch. But no social media checks out of boredom or avoidance of chores or work like usual. Even though I have to post on socials to promote my posts, I want to use Hootsuite as much as possible to just draft and queue so I do not get lost in the feeds.

It already feels better not doing that, so hopefully it sticks this month.

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